Client Testimonial - Gabor

I found the funeral totally beautiful. I was happy as it went smooth. I can’t say anything bad about the funeral. I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first ever funeral. I am sure David (deceased) is really happy. The service was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the service. I couldn’t find a better funeral director.

For me, the most painful part was when I touched the coffin to say goodbye to David. I felt that I was going to collapse, and it was horrible. Rob spoke from his heart, which is he is best at. The funeral made me relax and I was happy to say goodbye the best way I can. Usually people live for years, you don’t think that your partner is going to die so young (35). We spent 7 years together, working, living and loving. We don’t know when we are going to die. The easy part of the funeral was that I knew that I had to say goodbye to David, however my heart was beating so quickly and I had to breath deeply to calm down and relax myself.

From when I first met you (Hasina), you kept me informed of what to do and what will happen. I didn’t want to do the eulogy, as it was too difficult for me to put my thoughts on paper. On reflection, the writing of the eulogy made me focus on David’s life rather than my own grief. You showed so much care and compassion, allowing me to accept to feel very sad. This is the worst thing I have ever experienced, but having you do the funeral made it an easy and simple process. I will definitely recommend you and your services.

Gabor Kelemen

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