Client Testimonial - Irina Petrosian

Everything in the funeral was very good.

The church was intimate, the coffin lid was open – so we could say our last words. I got the chance to kiss my husband, and he looked very handsome and peaceful.

The cemetery is so close to my house, so I can visit my husband’s grave. I have to go through the 40 days of mourning and then I will visit him.

I’ve been in the UK for one year and through this difficult time the Armenian Church and community has immensely supported us. The graveside service was beautiful as it is in our tradition (Russian Orthodox) to have the coffin lid open.

This was very hard for me, as I knew it was the last time that I’d see my husband and say my final goodbye.

Everything was on time as there was 1 hour of travelling in between the church and cemetery.

I loved and appreciated the ‘Order of Service’, which I didn’t know about. It made the day run smoothly as it helped people with times and locations. I loved the section where I said, “At this sad time, Irina Petrosian would like to thank you all for your love and support”. Reading this made me feel very special.

Irina Petrosian, 37 yrs old

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