Newham Recorder: Funeral company launch new base

Newham Recorder - Funeral company launch new base

A husband and wife team have opened their first premises to house their own innovative funerals company.

Hasina Zaman, 49, and Allistair Anderson, 46, launched Compassionate Funerals in 2012, but opened up their base in Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, on Monday in a bid to change social attitudes to bereavement.

Promoting ideas such as the Death Cafe, where people get together to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death, and The Big Conversation, a countrywide initiative to encourage talking about dying and bereavement, the pair plan to run workshops throughout the year.

Hoping to encourage the community to talk about end-of-life plans, Hasina believes in the importance of working with people during their lives rather than just responding to their deaths.

"The conversations are not easy to start but can be hugely empowering," said Allistair.

"It just relieves the pressure off the family if you've already had the conversation about what they want to happen when they die."

Source: Newham Recorder (page 30)

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