Good Funeral Guide Recommended Funeral Director

Yesterday we were visited by Fran Hall, CEO of the Good Funeral Guide.

She was here to carry out an inspection and interview us so we can become a

Good Funeral Guide Recommended Funeral Director.

The Good Funeral Guide is a trusted, independent, not-for-profit organisation & information resource for funeral advice.

Once you've had a look at their website, you will realise how much this recommendation means to us.

Here's a quote from there website about the recommendation process;

"All funeral directors look the same – it’s very hard to tell them apart.Well they don’t all look the same to us. That’s why we offer accreditation to really good funeral directors so that we can, in turn, recommend them to you. We go to see them. We spend time with them. We look everywhere and ask lots of penetrating questions. We make sure they care for people who have died with kindness and respect. We make sure they listen to you properly, charge you fairly and enable you to create a funeral which fully reflects your values, your wishes and your budget. We write reviews of them on this website. We’re sorry there aren’t more. But we hope you will find our listing useful — everyone we recommend is very good indeed."

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