A Female-led Funeral

The world of funerals has come a long way since the Victorian times where women were not even supposed to attend the services, let alone lead them. However centuries before the uptight moral codes of the Victorian era, women were more heavily involved with preparing people for their funerals, by washing, dressing, and caring for their loved ones. It is something that we encourage and support at Compassionate Funerals. So in honour of International Women's Day here are some thoughts we have for all those who identify as female...

You can have a completely female led funeral.

If this is something that would mean a lot to the person who has died, don't be afraid to ask. We work with some wonderful female priests and celebrants, and of course most of our own team of funeral directors are female.

Your coffin bearers can be female too.

We're keen to change the traditional view that female friends and relatives do not carry the coffin. Despite what is often seen at funerals, this job does not always have to be done by men in black suits. If you think this may be too much on the day, that's ok, Compassionate Funerals can provide professional female bearers as well.

You can take the lead

In making arrangements for, and looking after the person who has died, you can be as involved and present as you want to be. Women are both carers and leaders, and we want everyone we work with to feel empowered in these roles.

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