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David Varney 
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I wanted to create more contemporary pieces of art; truly original pieces that would bring a sense of beauty and intrigue to any wall space. Resin gave me a fluidity and flexibility to create wonderfully reflective and tactile 3D artwork, creating art that not only satisfied me as an artist, but allowing me to create artwork that invoke emotions, interest and intrigue in others.

Artist in residence 24th of July - 7th of August


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Zsuzsi Schram
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Zsuzsi focuses on equitable design that is we.lcoming to all, regardless of where on the sensory spectrum they may be.
Studying athmospheres, environmental psychology and what colours. textures etc. could be helpful in alleviating anxiety. some of the research findings started to translate into art. More specifically: into acrylic paintings. Inside. there is a selection of such hand painted oieces displayed. or more information, contact or sales, please jet in touch via the following platforms.

Artist in residence 7th of August - 21st of August


Zsuzsi Schram

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Ruth Perry

Ruth mainly paints in watercolour, sometimes combining the medium with digital print, collage or oil pastels. She is inspired by both natural and manmade forms and is particularly interested in the interplay between the two. She is based in East London. In this exhibition Ruth explores the places that make us feel safe.

Artist in residence 18th of September - 1st of October


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I am currently drawing and painting landscapes of places I know. They are mainly urban woodlands and parks.  Making these drawings helps me properly appreciate the open land we still have around us in cities. 

Artist in residence 2nd of October - 15th October

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Alison Chaplin

Fine Artist Alison did a Fine Art Diploma at Walthamstow School of Art and then went on to teach for a brief period before becoming a full time artist in 2002.

Living opposite Epping Forest she is particularly interested in capturing the dream-like quality that light and shade bring to the Forest landscape.


Alison has paintings in private collections in Britain, Europe and USA. 


Artist in residence 17th of October - 27th October


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Bernie Clarkson
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Coastal landscapes offer me a creative beginning for my

work as an oil painter and land, sea and sky often come

together as a mixture of precise and experimental mark


My work attempts to show a moment in time while

suggesting a sense of timelessness moving between realism

and abstraction within different parts of the painting

capturing atmosphere and an undefined narrative.

The figure is also heavily represented in my work either in a

very specific recognisable way or as an anonymous being

channelling memory and pinning down a sense of place.

Artist in residence 30th  October - 12th November


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Lauren Barrett

I am an artist based locally in Forest gate, but I grew up in Wanstead. My dad was an artist (you can see his work displayed here between 27th Nov - 8th Dec)
and he inspired a lot of my creativity. I am a freelance fashioner desianer by day, but I started doing illustrations for friends wedding stationary a few years ago in my spare time, and since then have expanded to drawing houses, pets and local
I offer a personalised pub craul print, and personalised town hall or church prints for special occasions.
I also take commissions for drawings/watercolours of buildings which is a great house warming or wedding gift.

Where to find me:
Online on Etsy:
You can find a selection of my prints at the antiques
shop in Nightingale Lane

Artist in Residence 11th-26th Nov

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Martin Barrett
Martin worked in a number of studios during his career, including Wildman Corner studio in Walthamstow, and the Old Manor Park library. He started off his career printmaking, both screen printing and etching, then moved on to drawing and painting (watercolour, acrylic and oils) and finally sculpture.

His subject matter explored urban landscapes and consumerist culture and refected his general concerns about the environment, pollution and human hubris. He was fascinated by the way society is pulled relentlessly by our emotion, although hopelessly believing we are rational. Some of his work seeks, in a not too serious way, to highlight some of these contradictions.

Martin unfortunately passed away this year after battling frontal temporal dementia for a number of years.

Artist in Residence 24th Nov - 7th Dec
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