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A death in the family can cause huge financial problems for those left behind: even for those who have set aside funds. The pressures of trying to pay for unexpected funeral costs is the most quoted causes of depression or helplessness for many people who are bereaved.


As your appointed funeral director, our priority is to ensure you stay within your financial means whilst placing the wishes of your deceased loved one foremost.


We would recommend that all families worried about covering the basic costs of their loved one’s funeral investigate their options fully.


Tower Hamlets Subsidised Burials for Residents

For further details and eligibility click here 


Child Funeral Charity


Bereavement Payment (UK Government)  




Funeral Payment Scheme (UK Government)




Money Advice Service


Once Upon A Smile (Charity giving fund)




Widowed Parent’s Allowance (UK Government)



Government UK

Outline and eligibility criteria for the national Funeral Expenses Payment assistance scheme.



GoFundMe - Memorial Fund & Funeral Expenses
Online fundraising platform which helps people raise money for the memorial services and funeral costs of a loved one.



Fundly’s Blog – 45 Ways to Fundraise for a Funeral
Detailed and insightful blog outlining the many ways family and friends can help you raise the money you need for a funeral.




Public Health Funerals

An outline of the statutory duty of local councils to cremate or bury people who have died alone, in poverty, or are unclaimed by their relatives. This fund can only be accessed by members of a local council.




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