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Most people choose a cemetery, church, or crematorium to hold the funeral ceremony in. However we can conduct a service anywhere you want, if permitted. Just ask us and we'd be happy to talk about some alternative options.

Funeral Locations Throughout London and Its Surrounding Areas

Cemeteries and Crematoria

You can choose to have the funeral service in any of the cemeteries or crematoria in and around London - not just the one closest to you. 

Costs and facilities vary between the various locations so if you have any special requirements like live streaming the funeral or on-site reception facilities just let us know and we can suggest the best options.


Natural Burial Locations

An environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery, natural burial grounds are protected woodlands, meadows, or parkland. 

Instead of headstones, graves are often marked with a tree, a simple wooden plaque, or not at all, allowing the whole ground to serve as a memorial.  

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