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Following the death of a loved one, it is crucial to ensure any legal issues relating to property, benefit and credit payments, inheritance laws and probate, do not cause you added concern.


To help you understand the basic and common legal issues that may arise, please see the following links to services which may help you find the advice you need.


Age UK

Outline of what an Executor is, advice on wills and what steps to take after a loved one dies.



Citizens Advice


Full outline of what steps need to be taken following a death.



Probate – the Law Society
Explanation of what probate is, what to do if the deceased has left a will or not, and basic terminologies.


Find Your Local Council
Contact information for your local authority which may be able to assist in advising on the processes required and help available following the death of a disabled person.



Law on the Web

Legal explanations of all topics related to probate, intestacy, inheritance tax and the power of attorney.



Tell Us Once (UK  Government)

For reporting a death to the government and institutions in one go.




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