Hasina Zaman is the Founder, Director and CEO of Compassionate Funerals, a company which provides a full funeral service for diverse communities. 


The company offers transitional compassionate care by spending the majority of time listening to their client’s wishes and then creating the service that reflects their needs. The company launched eight years ago.

Hasina has entered into a business that has traditionally been reserved for men. In fact, she is the first Muslim woman to head an organisation that provides a funeral service to people of all faiths.

Compassionate Funerals is now a successful business with Hasina at the helm. It recently won a trade award for ‘Most Promising Funeral Director’.


Hasina Zaman

Hasina is one of London’s few female CEOs within the funeral service industry.


Having lived and worked in East London for over 20 years as a teacher, lecturer and artist, she has a strong understanding of, and links with, the multi-faceted communities which make up the City.


Hasina identified a need for more compassionate, unique funeral services which paid heed to what people wanted for themselves and their loved ones.

Allistair Anderson

Allistair has over 20 years experience of working in a wide variety of roles with some of the best local and national undertakers, cemeteries and crematoria in London.

Allistair regards it as the highest honour to be able to serve people at one of the most difficult, life-changing moments in their own lives.

He believes in empowering people, so they have control and are able to have the funeral they want & need.

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