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Whether you are choosing a coffin for a loved one or for your own funeral, you will want to make it the right choice. This is just a selection of the types of coffins you can choose, for more information or if you have seen a coffin that isn't on this page and would like us to source, please contact us 

Traditional Coffins

Traditional coffins can either be veneered wood or solid wood. All our traditional coffins are manufactured in the UK from sustainable wood sources. 

Veneer Coffins

The York

from £350

Solid Coffin

The Ascot

from £850

Eco Coffins

Eco coffins are not only made of biodegradable and sustainable materials but produced by craftsmen whose use of traditional skills ensures the manufacturing processes involved are kept as green as possible. Ranging from the use of bamboo and willow caskets to recycled cardboard, all eco coffin options promise to honour the environment as well as a loved one.


100% biodegradable and made from at least 70% recycled cardboard

Prices from £300


Bamboo is a fairtrade, biodegradable, and eco friendly option

Prices from £512

European Willow Coffins

Handmade from sustainable materials using traditional weaving methods

Prices from

£788 for pod shape

£731 for round ended.

English Willow Coffins

Handwoven by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods passed down through generations

Prices from £1,031


Fair trade certified banana cord, woven around cane and rattan

Prices from 

£794 for round ended

£774 for casket

Rainbow Willow 

Bespoke Colour Bands, other combinations available

Prices from £1,015

Painted Willow


Custom sprayed to any colour with environmentally friendly, water-based paint. Colour combinations also possible for a completely unique design. 

Leaf Cocoon

Individually handmade by Bellacouche from natural, compostable materials.

From £725 with plain cover, £885 with decorated cover


Made from sustainable pine, unwaxed and untreated for a natural appearance

Prices from £783


Sustainably sourced bamboo cane coffin, with a strong pine frame underneath

Prices from £726

Feet First Eco Coffins

Expertly handcrafted, sustainably sourced solid pine coffins. Fully biodegradable, and containing no synthetic materials. 

If you'd like more information