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If you would like to start thinking about arranging or paying for your funeral in advance, we can help with a pre-paid funeral plan, or just simply some advice. 

Having a funeral plan can be a helpful way to ease some or all of the costs for the people arranging your funeral when the times comes. By leaving instructions on what you would like, you can also be sure that your wishes will be honoured, and a lot of the difficult decisions will be taken care of. 

After much research into the various plans available, we feel confident to offer Golden Leaves as the pre-paid funeral plan we trust and recommend. 



There are various different plan options available, depending on your budget, wishes, and how you want to spread the cost. 

You can make an appointment with us to talk through the options and costs - there will be no obligation to take out a plan or make any decisions until you are ready. 

If you want more information about planning your own funeral these websites are a good place to start:

Funeral Plans

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