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This page is dedicated to events that we are involved in that encourage and promote the conversations around death, dying & bereavement through public engagement.

Our intention is to normalise and de-stigmatise the conversations about death, helping people live better lives through acknowledging their own mortality and
planning ahead for it.

Woven Farewell Coffins Devon

Sophia began working with willow as part of her bereavement support in 2012. Six years on, in combination with another bereavement and a "life's too fleeting not to do what we love!" epiphany, Woven Farewell Coffins was born. Making coffins perfectly combines Sophia's passion for willow,  ecological practices and supporting the growing movement of family-centric funerals.

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At Wild Heart Coffins we use willow grown here in the UK to create beautiful, natural and unique coffins, suitable for all types of burials and cremation.

All our products are handmade with sensitivity and love in our workshop in Warwickshire.

Wild Heart Coffins is made up of wife and husband team, Caz and Tom Ingall. Caz is the basketmaker and main coffin weaver, while Tom helps more with the woodworking side of things. Click below our images to read more about us both.
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'A thoughtful piece of theatre...always good to be made to think about the need too confront death & loss, rather than deny it'
Susan Elkin

Myra may be dying of cancer, but she’s hardly going to let that dampen her spirit. Instead, she decides to face things head on, planning out her own end while trying to fix the relationships between her husband, Alec, and daughters, Harriet and Jenna.

As each family member struggles to cope with Myra’s illness, they find themselves drawn closer through moments of emotion, vulnerability, support, and surprising humor.

Though a play about cancer, Laura Wade’s Colder Than Here finds opportunities for joy and laughter—a testament to family, relationships and finding light even in the darkest of times.


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